Maketronics as

the company of
Jens Christian Brynildsen

Developer, specializing in hardware and software for devices. Avid writer, UX advocate, agile coder, speaker & organizer.

  • Email: jenschr (at) gmail
  • Phone: (+47) 90691786
  • Street address: Pløens gate 4, c/o Bitraf
  • Mailing address: 0181 Oslo, Norway
  • Registry number: 991648429

Some favourite Projects

  • Arduino Companion app
  • Pressure sensitive floor
  • Rock City Namsos

Who is Jens Christian Brynildsen?


Jens has 15+ years of experience building interactive content for everything from kiosks, websites, applications and devices such as mobile phones and tablets. These days he is mostly doing projects using technologies like Node.js, Phonegap, C++, Fuse/UNO, Python, but his background is creating rich clients using Flash and AIR. Jens has created more than a hundred games using Flash (thus the name of his blog) but he also does web/standalone applications, hosts workshops and does consulting.

These days you'll most likely find him at Oslo's biggest hackerspace Bitraf where he plays around with tiny computers, controlling hardware such as 3D printers, CNC machines and lights (using mobile devices if possible). He also helps hosting workshops on topics such as microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beaglebone), soldering, 3D printing and more.

You may also find him at Westerdals ACT in Oslo where he teaches Embedded Systems and Machine to Machine communications (M2M) on a regular basis. He also created these two topics for the school.

Further back...

In 1994, Jens co-founded Netron. Initially Netron only did presentations using Asymetrix Toolbook and later Macromedia Director. In 1999, Netron became the first Norwegian Flash consultancy, doing exclusively Flash related work. In May 2006 he left the company to go freelance, but Jens still enjoys working with Netron from time to time.

With the help of some good friends in the community, he maintained the site Since it's start back in March 2000, it's been a popular site with Flash Designers and Developers. Flashmagazine features more than 1500 articles about the Flash Platform and the community around it. These days it's just an archive documenting the rise and fall of Flash after Adobe bought it from Macromedia and then deserted it when they no longer could get rich from spammy installs of antivirus software.

Jens loves Open Source and is a contributor and committer to the Away 3D project. Together with Thomas Nesse, he started the GotoAndSki conference - the coolest (!) geek conference ever.

Jens also co-founded Flash User Group Norway (FUGN) with buddies Paulo Fierro and Øystein Wika. The User Group hosted regular meetings the first Monday every month for 5 years.

Jens also enjoys working with the ExpressionEngine CMS system, building complex websites as well as developing custom ExpressionEngine plugins when required.